In an attempt to become more authentic, we seem to be under-valuing the gathering of Christians. And if we gather, we don’t want it to seem like we care that much. Like, “we don’t really need this. We don’t really care. We can do the same thing over coffee.”


But, my concern is that we are so worried about authenticity, and not being a bunch of shallow evangelicals, that we are also losing something precious that our children will have to fight to bring back because we took our eye off the ball.

The Festal Gathering

READ Hebrews 12:18-24

What if we tried to make our “natural” worship gatherings match as closely as possible this spiritual reality?

We often think of Christian fruitfulness in terms of our own personal growth only.  But Jesus left us with clear instructions that our purpose is larger than personal growth.  The growth of others is of vital importance to Him.

CH Spurgeon said that every Christian is either a missionary or an imposter.  The question is, why don’t we do more missionary work here in our own spheres of influence?

Let’s explore that together.

Everyone always asks me what pastors do between Sundays.  The answer to that question just might connect with your life more than you think.