The Letter

I received a letter and an information packet, recruiting me and other ministers to be trained and mobilized for outreach.  By the Church of Scientology.  They recon that we cannot solve the important problems, and need their help.

Or maybe they have no idea what Christianity is.

Or maybe they know more about what American Christianity is than we would like to admit.


They are positioning themselves as non-denominational, interfaith – friendly.  Almost unitarian in tone.

They do not at all understand Christianity.  Or… at least they do not seem to understand TRUE Christianity.  They may understand more about typical American Christianity than we care to admit.

Miss Trudy, Where is Your Hope?

What was her ultimate hope?  Getting healed so that she could live another day?  Or was her ultimate hope in Jesus, both now and in her eternal future?

Which is evident to the world around you?  Are we clear about what we are about, and wher our hope is based on how we live?

Which “gospel” is really good news to us?

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