There is a Christian “code of conduct”. There is a way that all followers of Christ should act, across all of time.

This does not negate the gift of grace. This doesn’t compete with grace. This doesn’t balance grace, as if God’s grace needs to be balanced. This is a RESULT of grace. Acting like a Christian doesn’t make you a Christian. But those who are Christians, will act like it.

Don’t think of grace and works as two things on opposite ends of a spectrum. Don’t think of them as two different items on a scale.

They are the same thing. Jesus paid it all, so that we would not jus avoid hell but that we would be conformed to His image. Good works is ALSO what He paid for!

This false dichotomy between grace and works is dangerous. It makes people choose between them – either a legalistic pharisee, or a licentious libertine that brings the cross into disrepute.

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